APH and MAINline launched a course on mental health of people who use ATS

Kyiv, Ukraine, June 12, 2024 – Alliance for Public Health in partnership with the MAINline International, within the framework of the SoS 2.0 project, has adapted and launched a training course “Interventions for the Mental Health of People Who Use Amphetamine Stimulants (ATS)”. This course is designed to help service providers better understand the link between mental health and ATS use, as well as to provide them with the knowledge and skills to work effectively with this category of people.

“Community-based interventions are crucial in areas where access to healthcare is affected by stigma and availability. Today we took the first step in offering important interventions to people who use methamphetamine, by gaining insight into what mental wellbeing is. What a fun session!” said Simon Williams, Learning lead & Project lead Asia, MAINline International 

The course has an adaptive structure that allows participants to study topics independently and consolidate their knowledge through online sessions with a moderator. It consists of 10 theoretical topics and 4 online modules.

The course modules include the following topics: 

-Recognizing mental health problems among people who use ATS

-Screening for mental health problems among people who use ATS

-Basic community mental health interventions for people who use ATS

-Establishment of mental health-based referral networks for people who use ATS

“We were pleasantly surprised by the high level of interest in the new training course,” shares her impressions Nadia Yanhol, Project Manager, Alliance for Public Health. “In three days after the announcement of its launch, 120 participants from all over Ukraine registered. The first online session, which took place today, gave us the opportunity to meet an incredible group of participants who have mastered the topic of mental health of people who use methamphetamine.”

Advantages of the course:

Flexibility: Participants can take the course at their own pace and time.

Interactivity: Online sessions with a moderator provide an opportunity to ask questions and get clarification.

Accessibility: The course is available in Ukrainian and English.

“As part of the further development of the project, we plan to translate the course into Russian and distribute it in the countries of the Eastern European and Central Asian region,” emphasized Nadia Yanhol, Project Manager, Alliance for Public Health. “We are convinced that this course will be a valuable tool for professionals working with people who use amphetamine-type stimulants (ATS) and will help improve the quality and effectiveness of their primary care.”

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