Community-led monitoring: the key to change

Today the #SoS_project team wants to share with you some interesting information about community-led monitoring (CLM) in more detail.

What does it mean? CLM is a way to help us capture and address the problems we face in our daily lives. It’s an opportunity to monitor public policies and make sure our money is being spent effectively.

But CLM goes beyond that! In the context of drug use, it helps address human rights violations, systemic violence, and stigma.

The coolest part is that CLM is community-driven! We decide what to monitor, what issues are important, and how to use the results to achieve our goals. This is our chance to take control!

If you want to learn more about CLM and become an active participant in the change, we invite you to read the practical guide. There you will find useful tips and tools for successful monitoring.


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