In Sarajevo the significant progress in implementing new approaches to building sustainability of HIV programs with the support of #SoS_2.0 was discussed

A regional meeting of #SoS_2.0 project partners took place on June 12-13 in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina with the title “Sustainability of the HIV response in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Serbia”. The event brought together 40 participants, including project staff, REActors, experts, as well as managers and partners of the regional program.

The purpose of the meeting was to evaluate the program’s achievements and identify priorities for the future. The #SoS_2.0 team presented the significant results achieved in the implementation of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) and budget advocacy in the countries of South-Eastern Europe in 2022-2024.

Here are some of the key achievements and goals of the program:

Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP)

– Involvement of MSM group representatives in PrEP programs. To date, the program has enrolled clients: North Macedonia: 74, Bosnia and Herzegovina: 40, Montenegro: 65 

– The ambitious goals of the program by 2026 are to achieve 20% PrEP coverage among key populations.

Budget advocacy at the national and municipal levels has significant results in 2023

Social contracting for HIV prevention, including funding for NGOs:

North Macedonia: $341,921

Serbia: $271,256

Montenegro: $180,107

Bosnia and Herzegovina: $92,000

Municipal funding under the Fast Track Cities initiative

Podgorica: $45,000

Skopje: $39,000

Tirana: $22,000

Novi Sad: $18,500

Shabazz: $11,000

Subotica: $1,000

“These results demonstrate the effective and coordinated actions of all project partners,” added Sergii Filippovych, Director of the #SoS_2.0 regional project.We are proud that thanks to our joint efforts, interventions important for the countries of the region are being implemented – PrEP is becoming more accessible, the React system is being implemented, and governments and municipalities are allocating more funds for HIV prevention.” 

The partners discussed also the current successes and plans for the rest of the year to achieve the goals and objectives of the #SoS_2.0

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