Meeting on social contracting in Dushanbe

SPIN Plus successfully held a meeting on social contracting in Dushanbe, on October 26. 

The event brought together representatives of Tajikistan’s NGOs dealing with important issues such as HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and healthy lifestyles among young people. The NGOs SPIN Plus, Equal Opportunities, Tajikistan Network of Women Living with HIV, STOP TB Partnership Tajikistan, Marvorid, Peer to Peer and Gender and Development also joined the meeting. An important element of the meeting was the consultants, including Marifat Aminjanovna Abdullaeva and Roman Drozd, a representative of the NGO “HAB Social Equation”.

The meeting discussed issues related to social state contracting mechanisms and their development, especially in the context of the work of NGOs in the field of HIV/AIDS, TB services and promotion of healthy lifestyles among young people.

At the end of the meeting recommendations were developed for the successful implementation of social contracting projects. We are proud of these achievements and thank everyone who participated in this important event!

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