Overview of regional work in the new #SoS 2.0 digest

In 2022, a new three-year regional project, #SoS_project 2.0, was launched in Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and South-Eastern Europe.
This is the largest Global Fund project on a regional scale, involving 14 countries: Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Northern Macedonia, Serbia, Tajikistan, Montenegro, Ukraine, Uzbekistan.
In a prolonged military invasion situation, the Alliance managed to maintain the full-fledged project’s work and, more importantly, develop and launch new services for internally displaced persons and migrants. It is important to note that the manual developed in the previous project was used to implement this approach: “Guidelines for contingency planning in the provision of HIV-related services for key populations during COVID-19 and other emergencies”.


  • Cooperation and partnership
  • Progress on Goal 1: Institutionalize effective HIV response models and processes in the EECA region to influence the HIV care cascade in the region
  • Progress on Goal 2: Removal of barriers to services for key populations to promote quality health interventions based on human rights principles; overcoming gender barriers to services
  • Progress on Goal 3: Budget advocacy for sustainable services for key populations in the EECA region
  • Strategic initiative to digitalize the HIV response in EECA countries
  • Strategic Initiative for Emergency Response. A package of standardized services has been developed
  • Strategic priorities for 2023-2025

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