Regional PrEP/HIV session at European AIDS Clinical Society (EACS) 2023 Conference: Programme

PrEP, from pills to long-acting injectables: the current state of policy, marketing, and implementation in Eastern Europe and Central Asia (EECA)

Date/Time: October 18, 2023; 14:30 to 16:00

Duration: 90’

Format: Roundtable discussion, in-person, followed by networking event (e.g. outside the room where roundtable will take place to foster country-exchange)

Hosts: WHO Ukraine Country Office/WHO European Regional Office/Alliance for Public Health

Number of attendants anticipated: 60 conference delegates 

Objective of session: To provide a platform for countries in EECA on having a PrEP policy/programmatic update from some of the early adopter countries (e.g. Ukraine), while giving the opportunity to other countries who are ‘new’ to PrEP delivery (e.g. in the context of pilot work) to exchange ‘better practices’ from early adopter countries within EECA but also other parts of Europe (and the rest of the world)

Target audience: Delegates to EACS 2023, particularly junior health care professionals (‘the next generation of HIV biomedical prevention professionals), community-based actors (those currently active in SoS_project 2.0, but also other organizations/independent advocates attending the conference) , policy stakeholders, health journalists, and donors (including, non-traditional donors in the HIV space within EECA)

Moderators: Stela Bivol WHO EURO and  Nadiya Yanhol, Alliance for Public Health

Invited speakers (50’):

  1. WHO birds’ eye view on PrEP in EECA: Ioannis Mameletzis, WHO Ukraine (15’)
  1. Challenges and opportunities of PrEP in Ukraine: Jessica Grignon, USAID/Ukraine (15’)
  1. Policy environment and strategies for a broader implementation of PrEP in EECA based on SoS 2.0 project experience: Sergii Filippovych, Alliance for Public Health (20’)
  2. Roll-out of PrEP in Ukraine: current status of PrEP programme in the context of war: Ioannis Mameletzis, WHO Ukraine, presentation on behalf of Ukrainian Public Health Centre (10’)

Discussion: 30

After session: networking event (10’)

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