#SoS_2.0 partners in Albania launches 2 pilot projects to improve HIV cascade

Сергей Филиппович and Zhenya Kushnir met with Entela Ramosaçaj, Deputy Minister of Health of Albania Ministria e Shëndetësisë dhe Mbrojtjes Sociale as part of an official visit to the partners of #SoS_project 2.0 in Albania.

The meeting focused on improvement of HIV treatment cascade in Albania, the implementation of the special pilots and the results to be achieved through collaborative efforts project team and government partners.

So, already in April, with the support of #SoS 2.0, #PrEP and #self-testing pilots will be launched in April.

Many thanks to the Albanian Network of People living with

HIV and the Eastern Europe Regional TB and HIV Community Network for their partnership in improving the HIV cascade in Albania and their leadership in implementing pilot projects at national level

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