Subregional meeting on decentralization of HIV testing services and simplification of testing algorithms has started today in Almaty with SoS2.0

Альянс громадського здоров’я Alliance for Public HealthThe Global Fund funded project as part of WHO Regional Office for Europe and Centrul PAS project portfolio. Representatives of Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova and Uzbekistan have joined.

With only 63% of PLHA in EECA knowing their status, a new approach to HIV case finding must become a reality. In most countries HTC positivity rate is below 5% and we are testing people who are negative, so apart from offering testing it is important to focus it for higher yields.

Recommendations from WHO are simple and clear. They must become the mainstream approach in EECA and they are in the center of SoS2.0 technical support and advocacy:

· Three consecutive rapid tests are recommended by WHO to conclude if the patient is HIV positive or negative.

· Stop western blotting for HIV diagnostics.

· WHO recommends testing based in health facilities, community based, self-testing, social network testing and index or service provider testing.

· Virtual test facilitating interventions must be promoted to effectively respond to HIV and STI.

Where is your country against these recommendations?

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