The Global Fund: Progress Assessment

The full-scale invasion of russia in February 2022 had a profound impact on various aspects of life in the country, including healthcare and the fight against HIV and tuberculosis.

The Global Fund conducted an assessment of the situation in Ukraine from the moment of the full-scale invasion until the beginning of 2023. This assessment became part of the Grant Cycle 6 (GC6) provided by the Global Fund. The results allow us to better understand how the war has affected the implementation of programs and the challenges that have arisen in the field of healthcare.

Conflict Conditions: Many medical institutions found themselves on the front lines, caring for the wounded and facing challenges that were not anticipated before. Hospitals and clinics came under attack, creating serious difficulties in the supply of medications and access to emergency services.

Displacement and Vulnerable Groups: Thousands of people in need of antiretroviral and antituberculosis therapy have been temporarily deprived of the opportunity to receive necessary treatment. Those receiving opioid substitution therapy fear the discontinuation of treatment programs. Vulnerable groups, such as transgender women and sex workers, have encountered new challenges and restrictions.

Progress Assessment: Despite the difficulties associated with military actions, the Global Fund conducted an assessment of progress in the fight against HIV and tuberculosis in Ukraine. Preliminary results show that before the invasion, the country had made significant progress in reducing barriers and expanding access to services.

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